The only manifesto for a simple happy life !!! Eat less… Move more… Make more… Stress less… Laugh more… Love more… find a Quiet Spot and… Breathe!

Hello!!! I am looking forward to adding tips, important need to know information, seasonal updates, keeping you connected to your community (activities & calendar reminders, encouraging you to get out and enjoy life) and answering your commonly asked health and wellness questions. I love to laugh & smile. I’m happy to share my nutritional knowledge, along with tips that will help you to stay fit and healthy. Along with lessons on practicing mindfulness * Healthy mind and body! … Well, generally living a healthy happy life but most of I love sharing my journey with you. Encouraging you and being a part of your journey. This blog is all about finding a balance, living a healthy sustainable life with fun and uplifting bits of wisdom!

Happy New Years !!! Here’s to being thankful for to 2015 and making 2016 the best yet!!!
~your wellness/happiness guru Stacy