Health With Balance •  A Healthy Living Consult

Health With Balance • A Healthy Living Consult

Health With Balance •

A Healthy Living Consult 

Balance is the key to Wellness and living a full happy life ! No one thing without another will bring health!

I can show you the importance of balance. Without it you will find all of your efforts will take you in a endless cycle. If you want a healthier you …it is possible! Adding small changes one at a time, you can achieve sustainable balance and health. This is my passion and as a Wellness Consultant I have the pleasure of doing this everyday.

Your body works as a perfect machine. Would your car run without fuel or with no air in the tires? Think of your body and its health as a whole. Each section on this wellness wheel will affect the other sections.

One basic example is sleep … You might not be able to sleep because of one or more of these reasons. It could be environmental? Something as simple as your bed, or a more difficult problem to solve, possibly noisy neighbors? You could be depressed? You might need more time with others, to be more social? Maybe your job is very demanding and you have been working late? People that become emotionally overwhelmed as a result of a taxing relationship or caregivers with no time off, often find them selves exhausted and yet unable to sleep. No mater the reason, sleep the quantity and quality affects countless systems in the body. Not only does your body require rest to repair itself. Your brain stores important details and memories while you sleep. Also if it notices a pattern, a continuous string of inadequate amounts of sleep. Your unconscious mind will make decisions to insure your wellbeing. As far as your brain is concerned there is no good reason to go without sleep … Something must be wrong! Things must be set in motion to assure your survival. This often comes up when discussing weight loss. Without adequate sleep your unconscious mind determines that you will be active for long periods of time. It then begins to start actions in motion. Many of which you will never realize; one you may notice results in a slower metabolism. Your amazing brain sends out instructions to begin creating chemicals that will slow your metabolism. By slowing down your metabolism you will burn the calories you take in and your stored fat at a slower rate. Allowing you to space out how quickly your body uses its fuel, insuring you will not run out of energy or waist away. Truthfully, in extreme conditions a slow metabolism could save your life.
Now that I understand how my body works I am thankful that my brain has prime directives, all of which have my wellbeing at the top of the list.

•With education comes the power to create change•

Here are the seven components to a healthy you!

•Your world , Your community, Your home

•Accumulating knowledge, Growing as an individual

• Becoming an active part in your community. Enjoying time with family and friends. Developing a feeling of purpose and a deep connection with others.

• Taking care of your body after all it’s the only one you will get! Enjoying exercise, not just the workout at the gym but all forms. Keeping you body in motion. Understanding the true meaning of a health diet. Giving your body the fuel it requires. Not only learning the benefit to Clean Eating but living it! Letting your body recover and rest. Sometimes we must sit down and rest; sometimes we need Sleep! Adequate amounts of sleep!!! Your body is extremely busy while you are sound sleep. After learning and understanding the important tasks your body must do while you sleep, you may change the way you view sleep all together.

• Everyone must have a purpose. We are wired keep going because we are needed. The most common aspect of spiritual wellbeing is the peace of mind that you are part of a larger picture. It makes no difference if your picture is different than your neighbors. The universe is full of countless unexplainable and incredible phenomenons. Occasionally, science can help us make sense of these phenomenons; then there are others that are beyond explanation. Spiritual wellbeing can give us a feeling of peace when, scientific logic fails us. Our mind needs this desperately as we are faced with obstacles that may make living seem impossible. We need this peace of mind.

• If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life! Think about the amount of time you spend at work. The percentage of your life you will devote to this area. How could that not effect who you are, your life and your health?

• Your happiness is pivotal to your wellbeing. Mental health is not a joke! Your unconscious mind is making changes and decisions within your body constantly. You cannot mask your emotional well-being when it comes to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind loves you and wants you to live a happy fulfilling life. If you are not emotionally well your brain is capable of making you very uncomfortable until changes are made. A few examples would be headaches, sleeplessness, lack of appetite or an over active appetite just to name a few. So make changes if needed. Learn to be more present. Wherever you are be all there. Use mindfulness to enjoy your purpose; allow yourself to feel connected and not overwhelmed. Finally your emotional wellbeing will directly affect your self esteem. Even if you mask your headaches with pain medications and take sleep aids at night. The way you feel about yourself and others will manifest its self in many ways. The affects will change how you interact within every area of your life. All of your circles including your friends, family, and coworkers.

I will not judge … I am the change I wish to see in the world

I will not judge … I will not give you a lecture. I can see amazing things in you just the way you are …
NOW – If you want to know how to be healthier, find balance, enjoy fitness and understand my happiness and live it too. I will share my journey and knowledge with you gladly! That’s what I do, because I love to see health and joy ❤️ But I WILL NOT judge.
Everything depends on balance!
I eat clean most days because I feel better when I do. My fitness motivation comes from the energy I have after I am active. I love being able to wear anything I want to, from jeans to an evening gown and feel beautiful.  I depend on mindfulness to stay present and careful to not to become so busy that I can’t enjoy time with my amazing husband, incredible children and fantastic friends. Mindfulness keeps me productive and focused on my business and many organizations I work with. Allowing  me to enjoy every second of my life.

My interesting and full life has taken me down many roads. I have a long resume that is both impressive and complex. Impressive to me, because I would have never guessed I would have had so many amazing opportunities and the complexity would come from the many different fields and positions I have explored and left feeling accomplished. Each opportunity leaving me with valuable life  experience and proving to me that I have many gifts. Also, that I am most happy when I am using them to improve the lives of others.

When I started my company Life.Wellness.Health I had moved to Raleigh, NC from NY. I could see that all of my careers/professions, all of the experience I had  obtained would help me as a Corporate and Individual Wellness Consultant. In my spare time Teaching Yoga and Pilates then becoming a personal trainer, I found myself unable to ignore how important balance is when the topic is health. Understanding I needed more information on the human body, how complex and yet very simple our bodies are. Realizing how each system works on its own and in connection with all other systems  simultaneously.

“Perfect health, both mind and body, is simply an amazing balancing act.  Moderation meets an unselfish form of Commonsense. To be capable of taking care of others you must take care of yourself. Yet when we only take care of ourselves the balance is thrown and our health declines.” – Stacy Phillips 

This realization then lead me to study nutrition (what we eat and how we eat as a culture plays a huge part in our health) and so with my studying, I went on to receive a Nutritional Therapy Degree. Within three years, I would also become Certified as a Mindfulness Instructor, a Life Coach, and Wellness Consultant (both individual and corporate certified). The friends that once joked that I was a “Wellness Guru” would soon refer me to friends and family and request I teach classes and lecture so they could attend. Today I am happy to share my knowledge and programs that will help you live a healthy sustainable life or help to create a health productive working environment.

Changing your life style will change your life.  As a Coach and Wellness Consultant I am able to BE THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD … But I will never judge you or anyone else! Some days we need to skip the gym and have a cupcake ❤️

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Have a wonderful evening Xox

Focus on What Matters

Focus on What Matters

Teaching others to love the body they are in and still improve on it is fun and fulfilling but this morning I had trouble focusing… I couldn’t stop day dreaming…. summer I miss you already!
Mindfulness, Here I come … I don’t want to miss today thinking about tomorrow or yesterday….

Summer’s at the beach are wonderful….image

and Although it’s cold TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!image

Identify your goals… Focus & Achieve!
Don’t waist Time … Energy… Or momentum!
Imagine someone is describing you to someone else… What would you want them to say about you. Focus on those things!!!

I love the smell of fresh ambition in the morning

I love the smell of fresh ambition in the morning

Bring it ….#Monday! 

This new year can be about many things, for me it’s about my #ambition to share my knowledge and encourage you through healthy living to be your BEST SELF !

I will increase my #productivity to reach my #goals while staying focused on my #priorities!
With a #newyear and self #improvement on the horizon … I will #live #life and #love my #family & #friends as much as possible.image

2016 To Do List

•Practice #mindfulness

•Be an Active Example … #fitness-motivation

•I will Eat Clean & Feel Wonderful


I hope you see your best self! That is #healthcoaching & #lifecoaching, that is what I do. #HealthyActiveLifestyle… #mindandbody … You and your #Community.  We can all be the change we wish to see in the world!