The 100 Mile Diet

The 100 Mile Diet

The 100-mile diet has been taken on as a personal challenge by LOCAL food enthusiasts and has popularized the concept of eating only seasonally appropriate and regional foods. It is the concept of eating only foods that are grown or produced within a 100-mile radius of one’s home, requiring the practitioner to develop a deep awareness of where each of his or her meals is coming from. It can dramatically  reduce  an individual’s CARBON FOOTPRINT since the foods do not need to be transported long distances to reach the plate.
imageBesides, as the seasons change our nutrition needs change with them.img_1565With less sunlight your body requires specific vitamins and nutrients to function  at peak performance. Another example is as temperatures rise the need for hydration and the ability to retain the hydration becomes more important.

 As the weather changes so do our activities, your activity level effects your metabolism.  With a changing metabolism your diet must change as well. As your nutritional needs change, so does your local produce and locally made products. You may be surprised to find out that your area provides what you need during each season. image

Check out what your local  merchants have to offer ! Not only will you will helping your local economy but your body will thank you as well. 

Have a wonderful weekend, be safe and enjoy some downtime~image