About Stacy Phillips

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Aunt. Entrepreneur. Student. Graduate. Mentor. Friend. Philanthropist. Happiness Guru.

Stacy is committed to doing things that make her look on the outside like she feels on the inside.

Stacy is most happy …
…spending time with family and friends
…gardening at home
…running (not long distance)
…swimming at the beach
…hiking in the mountains
…attending cultural events in the city
…playing all kinds of sports (even though she has no competitive nature whatsoever)
…yoga, pilates, and working out (although she does not live at the gym)
…cooking healthy food (especially when it’s so delicious people don’t believe it’s healthy)
…listening to music (except screamo, she just doesn’t get it)
…living in Raleigh where she can go to a Farmer’s Market, walk a Green Way, have dinner downtown, and enjoy a cultural event all in a day

When not physically active, you’ll most often see Stacy in a dress and high heels. She is an active member of several nonprofit organizations and is commonly seen at fundraisers. She especially enjoys meeting new people and doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, and can be recognized by her gigantic smile. She has friends of all ages, religions, backgrounds, creeds, and lifestyles; the common thread is living a healthy, happy life.

Her mission is to love her neighbor, make a difference in her community, and help others create sustainable health for quality of life.


Stacy’s three children are her most prized possession and her most amazing accomplishment. They are her legacy.  Her children are one year apart in age and having a child with autism has made raising them an interesting adventure. Her children are three of the most amazing people she has ever met; they are kind, caring, mature, and wise beyond their year. They are truly the change she wishes to see in the world. Stacy’s oldest son recently graduated from high school with honors is heading to college.

Smiling a little more than most and being a little busier than most, Stacy has always stood out from the crowd. As an extrovert, she feels most fulfilled and happy when the people around her feel fulfilled and are happy. Her belief is that if you fill yourself with positivity and love, there is no room for anything negative to creep in.

Stacy is a Certified Wellness Consultant, Personal Trainer, Yoga/Pilates and Mindfulness Instructor, Master Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Rodan+Fields Consultant and has her International Nutritional Therapist Degree. Stacy continues to work on her Masters in Nutrition and Fitness and has a Minor in Psychology. She combines her training with mindfulness and meditation. Her fit in life is to design challenges and programs for corporations and people creating healthy and sustainable change in the quality of people’s lives.

I love my work but I live for my best friend/husband and 3 incredible children (all in college, that’s crazy). Life is good!